Video: Watch What This Female Soldier Was Caught Doing To A Married Man That Has Got People Talking

 When there is no war, soldiers spend most of their time honing their skills, undergoing rigorous training routines to make sure they are always ready in case of an unexpected eventuality. They are never to be caught unprepared and when they are deployed to battlefields, they relentlessly fight to overcome their adversary but they are also humans
No matter how tough soldiers may seem, the truth of the matter is that they are still humans and have desires just as the common man or woman. They have blood flowing through their veins, they also have personal needs, families, and loved ones whom they want to protect and care for
A video of what a female soldier was caught doing to a married man in broad daylight has now gone viral and a lot of people have been reacting to it.
Watch Video Here see photos below

The man from the video is identified as Olumuyiwa Bolade, and according to him while driving, a child ran in front of his vehicle but he was able to apply brakes and didn't hit the child so he scolded the child and left. The next day the mother of the child who happened to be a soldier, accosted him with 3 other men with her and they beat him upHowever, they were not satisfied with the beating they gave him and as he was returning from work, he saw the woman fully kitted in her army uniform alongside 3 other soldiers, sensing what was about to happen he told his daughter who was in the vehicle with him to record the incident.The other soldiers on seeing that they were being recorded, left immediately but the woman was undeterred, she forced him out of his vehicle and began to assault him despite seeing that he was a physically disabled manOlumuyiwa revealed that he decided to complain to a nearby barrack, and on getting to the barracks, they initially refused him from entering but later allowed him and after lodging his complaint they frustrated him and later told him that the woman is an unknown soldier
I am not picking sides here, The female soldiers as a mother may have found it difficult to let go of the fact that her child was nearly knocked down and still scolded but I think she should consider the fact that the man in question is physically challenged man and also a married and a father. See how people have reacted to this. Some people have claimed that the man had actually slapped the child during the accident that nearly occurred


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