Men Take Note: 6 $ex Positions Most Women Love [+ Photos]

 Women are more concerned about the $ex position that will stimulate their G-spot and clitoris more than any skill you have under your sleeve that’s why more of their favourite $ex positions are actually the basic ones you always overlook because you think being advanced is what she will love.

Truth is, a woman is not concerned about your skills if it doesn’t make her achieve orgasm, but even if it’s just rubbing your pen*s over her clitoris that will make her achieve an orgasm, she will appreciate that more than all those skills you so want to reveal.
Just in case you’ve been digging for more $ex positions just to satisfy her, then look no further, here are 6 $ex positions every woman loves (You can start asking around when you’re done reading this).
Woman On Top
During $ex, most women don’t talk, but when given the chance to be on top, that’s when they communicate with their body, but men just don’t learn.
If you’ve noticed, whenever a woman is on top, she doesn’t thrust, she actually grinds to make sure your pen*s touches all her inner cores and flesh including the G-spot and the clitoris. In doing so, she’s also telling you how to actually go about it.
Women love this position because it gives them the opportunity to go about it the way they really want it and also get to have it enter all the right places you missed. It also gives them the opportunity to take control and it gives them the power they so desire, knowing you’re helpless and they are doing the job.
Woman On Top

Doggy Style
Women love this position because you get to hit the G-spot and it also allows deep penetration which can also hit the C-Spot, giving them that ultimate pleasure.
Doggy Style

Missionary Position
Many see it as archaic but trust me, this is one of the favourites of women. They love it especially if a man knows how to go about it in this position.
Most men in this position, keep thrusting in and out but what women love is for you to actually grind your waist instead of thrusting with strength. They also love it because they get to have a proper view of your face and it tells them how good you feel when inside them and it adds to the climax.

Women love this position because they get to have you exactly where they want you to be. In this position, most men do not get the chance to thrust hard and so are forced to grind and slide in nice and slow. She also gets to wriggle her waist to the rhythm and this really helps her to reach her climax in no time.
Aside all this, it also gives them affection as you hold her from behind while lying together and cuddling, they love the warmth it brings.
Spooning Position

69 Position
Most women love it when you go down on them and the best one is when she knows she’s working on you and you’re also working on her. The gyration of your waist in rhythm with hers gives her the urge, you’re enjoying what she’s doing and she gets to also enjoy you the more. The thought satisfying you while you satisfy her, easily makes her come.

The Anvil
Women love this position because it allows for deep penetration. And also due to the angle of penetration, the pen*s rubs against the clitoris while you thrust, giving her that ultimate sensation she so desires.
The Anvil

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