6 Signs That Would Make You Know Your Relationship Is At Risk


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Your relationship is at risk if you notice these signs along the course of your observation. This post will be directed towards guys and ladies so that it won't look as if we're biased based on gender. But before we'll be unraveling the signs to look out for if your relationship is dying, note that you should never place 100% trust on a lady. 

Although majority of the guys are promiscuous in nature but they can still 90% marry a lady who had gathered their love and trust, but our ladies even if you shower them with lots of love and attention, if they'll leave you and cheat, they will still leave.

Only God understands the nature of our ladies, no man actually does, and because of this don't place your 100% trust on a lady so as to avoid story that touches the heart. Also, it's okay to love a lady or a guy genuinely, don't have the mindset that you'll never find someone better than he or she is, incase they start to misbehave, telling you they're always busy, cheating on you, loosing respect for you and lots more.

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If your relationship is at risk, you can try to make it risk free, but once you discover that your effort is not working out positively for the relationship, then please carry your belongings and leave. Particularly guys, i wonder why you'll be allowing a girl to treat you badly whereas there are lots of Ladies out there striving to even find a single guy to love them and cherish them. Gone are the days of ladies get attached to a guy they've had mutual connection together, nowadays it is now mutual connections.

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If you want to know whether your relationship is at risk, look out for the following signs (this applies 

to the two genders):

1). When a party starts to give you the always busy excuses; let me tell you this, there is no how an human will be fully busy through out 24hours without calling. If your lady or guy is telling you they're busy throughout the day, please think twice.

2). When you observe that the respect you've being getting before in the relationship is gradually dwindling.

3). When your partner requested for stoppage of intimacy between you, then you should start looking out for another person to love.

4). If your partner is engrossed in making friends with the opposite gender. Nowadays, some ladies are having bestie and they'll be lamenting of not having a stable relationship. How can you have a male bestie and expect a reasonable and decent guy to stay long with you? It's not possible, and also what is your bestie doing for you that your boyfriend can't do. Then if there's something your bestie can do which your boyfriend can't do, then simply leave your guy instead of using combined trick.

5). If the dressing style of your girl started to change from decency to zero then you should please think twice. A girl you've being dating for years without seeing a mini gown or mini skirt on her, then all of a sudden she started wearing tight clothes and clothes that will never cover her lap, then i strongly advice you leave her or change her position in your life.

6). If your partner is always nagging and at the same comparing you with other guys or he's comparing you with other Ladies, then think twice.

We think those six reasons has embodied everything to look out for if your relationship is at risk, 

please be watchful.

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