Places She Would Love You To KIss

There are many places that a girl will love to be kissed for happiness and maximum satisfaction and to make her feel loved, adored,the best and safe.
These includes:

1. Her forehead

Give a gentle kiss on her forehead. 
She will appreciate when you pull her close and plant one on her head after a long day at work.
 Kissing her forehead Make her think Nobody can hurt when you are around that she is safe and secure with you.

2.Her cheek

This is a very sensitive spot for a girl. It turns her on. It makes you appear affectionate and She feels loved,adored and a very polite gesture
 This is an innocent way of kissing.

3.Her hand

A kiss on the hand is the one popularly done. Kissing her in at the hand makes her feel like a princess and will be proud.
 Kissing her at the hand sets up the mood and it makes her feel special and respected. 

4.Her ears

 Her ears may be quite sensitive to light licking and sucking because of all the supersensitive nerve endings there. It’s a very erogenous point. A kiss in this place shows that you want to have fun. while you suck her ear be sure to use the opportunity to whisper something about how attracted you are to her and what you’d like to do to her after you finish nibbling her lobes.
You can give her earlobes a gentle suck. But don’t use your teeth.
Below are lovely photos of Places she wants you to kiss:

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