How To Unveil an Unknown Number When You See It

We are often at time being bug by calls from an unknown number and most times we find it disturbing that we can actually identify the caller. worry not as i will teach you how to view the number and call the person.
Am here to teach you a new skill on how to view a hidden number calling your line using ussd method. 
I sincerely hope that this article will help some people here and also make others re-frame from this act . 
While the private number is calling your phone, do not pick the call, wait for like 15-20 Minutes. 
Then Dial *#30# the hidden number will appear on the screen
Note in some cases, you will have to wait for about an hour before the number will display. 
The rate which people use private number to threaten others and do all sort of mischievous acts is alarming now. i hope this will help to put an end to that. 

If u can follow this steps then nobody will threaten u with a private number and go Scott free.

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