Best 8 Sex Position That Would Make You Last Longer In Bed

I like quickies as much as the next girl. Frankly, if they weren’t a regular part of my fiancĂ©’s and my bedroom repertoire, we’d be getting laid far less frequently. Life is busy, sleep is hard enough to come by, but a nice, long, lingering sex session—with the eight longer Sex Positions we’re about to show you—is absolutely worth making time for every now and then.

I was reminded of this a few months ago while reporting articles on slow sex and tantra, when I decided to give some of these tricks a shot. Rather than racing to the finish line so we could pass out, resume Netflix, beat the brunch lines—whatever—my partner and I focused wholly on one another and the immediate sensations we felt. 

Since it takes a bit to let the real world (and all its unsexy stressors) fall away, we found that we were able to achieve a much deeper state of relaxation, connection, and pleasure when we carved out a good hour or so to just roll around in bed and see what happened.

To help you achieve your own quest for longer-lasting sex, I asked Marissa Nelson, LMFT, certified sex therapist and founder of IntimacyMoons Retreats, which positions are most conducive to unhurried, not-so-quick-to-come sex. 

Below, check out her top recommendations (which also got the thumbs-up from her husband) for moves that will help you and your partner last. While, of course, we can’t guarantee these sex positions will make sex last longer, it’s always worth a shot, am I right?


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Jenny Yuen.

1. Riding Astride

“Couch lovin’ is some good stuff, and riding astride does the trick,” says Nelson. “It’s gravity-friendly, relaxed, and doesn’t include too many bells and whistles that could physically overstimulate either partner.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

2. Scissors

“This position allows for a deep and unique angle for [vagina-owners], allowing for [the] G-spot to be hit by either a thrusting penis or sex toy,” says Nelson. “[Penis-owners] have an opportunity to take things at their own pace, allowing them to last longer. And [vagina-owner] couples can get some nice grinding action going, which they can use as a slow lead-up to orgasm, which might be achieved through a sex toy or oral or digital play, if not the grinding itself.”

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Jenny Yuen.

3. Sybian

“Put that ottoman to work without being constricted,” says Nelson. “[Penis-owners], when you’re getting close, communicate, communicate, communicate to make sure your partner’s on the same page.” For two vagina-owners, this position can be done by using a strap-on or other toy. *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

4. Butterfly

“This position allows the kneeling partner to thrust and go the distance without deep penetration,” says Nelson. “Thrusting slightly upward, the [penis-owner] has gravity on [their] side while enjoying a full-frontal view and easy access to [their] partner.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

5. Spoons

“The spoon can be a lot of physical stimulation for [penis-owner] partners, depending on the angle they’re entering from behind, so this might trigger some [penis-owners] faster than others,” says Nelson. “However, with both partners on their sides, you can take things at your own pace, changing the speed and depth of thrusting as needed. For [vagina-owner] couples, this can be a fun position where one partner grinds their ass into the other’s lap, while the other stimulates the small spoons clit.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

6. Reverse Sybian

“The top partner can control how fast [they] move, slowing down as needed if either partner gets turned on too fast,” says Nelson. “Essentially, there’s a lot of control, so you can take it at your own pace.” *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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Jenny Yuen.

7. Screw

“The screw is similar in mechanics and motion to the butterfly, putting gravity and pace of thrust on the side of the kneeling [penis-owning] partner,” says Nelson. “That will allow them to go for as long they can.”

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Jenny Yuen.

8. Intersextion

“Intersextion functions similar to scissors, so [penis-owner] partners can take their time achieving maximum 

penetration, while [vagina-owner] couples can enjoy some sexy friction — oh, and feel free to use your hands to zoom in on each others’ clits,” says Nelson. *This sex position works for all gender pairings!

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